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People Management Skills

Why People Management skills are Important

People Management skills are crucial whether you’re a #manager#leader and of course a line manager. Ultimately a line managers role is to ensure that everyone in their team reaches their full #potential and beyond. Even if you don’t directly have someone who reports into you, you will be #leading and #influencing people around you.

At andpartnership: Leadership Consultants & Change Experts we believe that it's essential for line managers to develop a toolkit of ‘people management skills’ and look through an #inclusivelens in everything that they do. The relationship between a line manager and employee is fundamental as it contributes to their #engagement which impacts on #performance and overall #culture of the organisation. Developing strong people management skills enable line managers to support and motivate their team. To be at their best, doing their best work and to thrive in future challenges.

When it comes to working with people, everyone is different and has their own unique USP. It is great to see that it’s becoming much more best practice to embrace difference of all kinds and to be your true self. This is of course being reflected in work spaces across all sectors and evolving how we work. From people of different ages or stages of their career journey to people having different backgrounds, work locations, experiences, with different ideas of how to work. This means that each workspace will look and feel different. Even in one organisation you will see differences across different business areas. As one size does not fit or suit all. As a line manager of people, it’s vital to understand that each individual is unique, will be motivated by different things and what works for one doesn’t work for another.

But to do this its vital that line managers gain the #learning and #development that they need to be successful at leading their people. However people management skills we see regularly being overlooked and a development gap is created and it’s one of the biggest reasons why high #performance is not being achieved. Simply because there is a lack of focus on developing ‘Line managers skills'.

Why does a development gap exist?

This gap exists more than likely as there is;

  • A lack of development in becoming a line manager.

  • No plan to support a ‘first time’ line managers. 

  • Unclear expectations what good looks like as a ‘line manager’ 

  • Limited role modelling

  • lack of knowledge around ‘line managing employee relations’

  • Not understanding how to engage and develop people 

Common Examples we see 

first-time manager described the let down of being promoted from individual contributor to being a formal line manager/leader. They are finding that the skills and attributes that made them successful before aren’t very helpful for leading others, and they are not sure what to do differently.
Recently promoted first-time manager is now responsible for direct reports who used to be their peers. Making the transition from co-working to line manager is proving harder than he expected.

This is more likely because we see a high level of investment in #leadership programmes and #talent, rather than 'line management’ development and basic people management skills. Therefore, a gap in #skills is created. 

When we speak to different line managers at different levels in all sectors its evident that not many have actually experienced development around being a line manager. It's been more about learn as you go, this is great if its coupled with #guidance#support and #feedback . 

What are the core People Management skills?

When it comes to developing People Management skills, we believe getting the balance right in learning is vital.  It’s not just about participating in a development session, it’s also about who you can learn from around you and highlight the ‘live’ learning you can do on the job. We encourage #experimenting with the learning and being #conscious of the practice you do. These 10 core skills would be the foundation of setting up line managers for success. But the list could be much longer, these are just the core basic skills

1.    Build Trust

2.    Inclusion

3.    Engagement

4.    Accountability

5.    Problem-solving skills

6.    Communication

7.    Mindset

8.    Coaching and Developing others

9.    Developing Relationships

10.  Giving and Receiving Feedback

Things that are essential when developing people management skills

Explore handling different situations - Clarify the challenges of shifting from individual contributor to manager and acknowledge their reality.

Critical training topics - Provide new managers with knowledge and practical tools, tailoring development to specific areas of need

Self-awareness - Enable them to be self aware, what are their strengths and what are their development areas

Leadership Development - Create continuity in learning, helping new managers go beyond and to look to the future

Simple things that you can do

If you’re a line manager wanting to develop your people management skills, these are a few things that can support you

·        Take time to reflect on your skills

·        Seek out feedback

·        Spend time on your Personal Development plan

·        Don’t be afraid to ask for support

·        Create a ‘list of things still to explore’ 

·        Rate each people management skill 1 out of 10, how will you rate yourself?

·        Volunteer to lead an initiative or project

·        Find opportunities to coach your peers

·        Tune in and participate in meetings

·        Look to mentors and leaders you admire

Developing your People Management skills - Like any skill, it requires #time#effort, and #selfawareness. But it enhances your ability to increase performance and have transformational effects on yourself and those around.

At andpartnership: Leadership Consultants & Change Experts we offer a wide range of learning options and can co create learning to suit individuals, teams or organisations needs. We can build your people management skills toolkit in order for you to reach your full potential. Together we aim to support the development the line managers in your organisation.

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